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We are the answer you have been looking for. Take your medical degree to the next level and earn what your worth. Most states allow a licensed professional to get Credentialed to work private practice for themselves and get paid. The process takes less time than you think and you can be working for yourself by tomorrow. Don’t just settle for being an employee. Become credentialed and start being paid as a business owner.



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Why Credential:

If you are a medical professional, you can get credentialed with your own National Provider Identifier (NPI) number, Medicare and Medicaid number (TPI) and work directly with patients and their families and get paid. Credentialed medical professionals can also work as contractors with insurance mco's.

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Are you ready to start working for yourself TODAY?

We are the credentialing experts! Why keep going from job to job? The future is changing and nurses are learning that they are the business. Every hospital organization. Every medical clinic. Every Home Healthcare agency. Every Hospice agency. Every Traveling Nurse business is made up of …Nurses. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself? Why am I getting other company owners rich, when I could be working for myself as a Private Duty nurse setting my own hourly rate and working the hours I want to work.


If you are a medical professional, you can get credentialed and work with top insurance providers like BCBS, Aetna, Superior and more. There are so many things you can do as a credentialed medical professional!

But, don’t stop there. You can also get your own corporation working under your own corporation and get all the benefits of being a business owner. Get all the tax benefits of working under a corporation rather as an employee in a healthcare organization.

Don’t go to a healthcare agency and fill out an application. Become a contractor with healthcare agencies. As a credentialed medical professional operating under a business, you can negotiate a contract as business to business. Its a win-win for both you and the agency. Get credentialed and give yourself a raise you deserve.


As a Credentialed Professional, you have many opportunities. These are just some of the benefits:

  • Private Practice
  • JOIN Medicaid Waiver Programs.
  • Contract with families as a Private Practitioner
  • Most RN’s can contract out their services for $65 - $150.00 per hour for their services

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