About Us

About Us

A message from the Founder/CEO


If we could summarize what were all about, Empowerment is the perfect word. Empowerment is the ability to help ones in the community be more than who they are as a medical professional. Empowerment is the ability to make a difference in their lives by helping them become a business owner. Empowerment by showing medical professionals that they can take their degree to the next level and beyond.

Our company was created from a growing number of medical professionals who feel they want to make a difference in the community and for families who demand personalized care that they can only find by getting one on one care through a Private Duty Care. They also want the freedom and independence of being a business owner working when, where and for how much they want.

Credential Me Today has heard this call and have been helping hundreds of medical professionals all over make their vision a reality by becoming business owners. Whether you’re wanting to just position yourself in the workforce market place as a contractor or opening yourself a large healthcare organization helping families in your community, we can help.

We invite you to educate yourself by knowing what your options are as a doctor, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, social worker, physical therapist, occupational therapist and speech therapist. By nurse I mean Nurse Practitioner, RN, LVN, LPN, CNA, Nurse-Aide and Caregiver. Like any other medical professional (doctor, dentist), you can also get credentialed and contract out your services for hire. For some, this is unheard of! Why, because you were never told. Instead, you are led to believe that you can only get ahead by being employed at a healthcare organization. Wake-up call!

The medical professionals of today understand what opportunities await them by taking advantage of their many hours of education and years of experience and turning this into a business by becoming a healthcare entrepreneur. Are you ready?

We wish you success on your new journey!

Errol Ellis, Founder/CEO

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