Why Credetial

Let us start off by saying that credentialing medical professionals such doctors and other healthcare professionals after graduation from med schools or other academic academies has been occurring for years. But, why have not nurses been told that they too have these same opportunities to be credentialed as other healthcare professionals?

Credentialing can be done no matter what stage you are in your nursing career. Credentialing as a nurse is the first step in axpanding your career for opportunies in receiving national recognition from healthcare organizations.It also lets the public know who you are and healthcare organizations such as insurance companies scout you through databases so that they can hire your services. It’s also a process that is not just limited to the city you live in, but it’s a national system. So, no matter where you decide to live, these credentials follow you. As you grow in your achievement in your nursing career, you can update your credentialing to list these achievements. This increases your chances for higher pay. Credentialing also adds the ability to leverage when negotiating with employers seeking your services. Want to be a Private Duty Nurse? Start with Credentialing.

If you are deciding if getting credentialed as a nurse if right for you, let us help you make your decision. Give us a Call. .

Why Credential

As a Credentialed Nurse, you have many opportunities. .

  • Private Duty Nursing
  • JOIN Medicaid Waiver Programs.
  • Contract with families as a Private Duty Nurse
  • Most RN’s can contract out their services for $65 - $150.00 per hour for their services
  • Most LVN’s can contract out their services for $45 - $85.00 per hour for their services
  • Most CNA’s can contract out their services for $15 - $30.00 per hour for their services
  • Medicaid allows RN’s and LVN’s join the waiver programs without application fee
  • There is an increase among baby boomers of hiring private duty nurses for healthcare in the home instead of agencies.
  • Nurses who are credentialed can negotiate hirer wages than a nurse seeking employment as an employee in a healthcare organization.
  • Credentialing as a Private Duty Nurse is a less costly alternative to opening a healthcare agency.
  • You can keep your job and work to make extra money as a private duty nurse when credentialed.
  • Credentialing can be done in as little as 3 days.

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