Medical Professionals

Private Practice Set-Up

Credential Me Today has expanded our services to offering credentialing to medical professionals from every sector of the healthcare industry. Our credentialing services offer medical professionals the opportunity to go into private practice for themselves. We offer credentialing services to you as a medical profession or credentialing your practice to be able to accept insurance from Managed Care Organizations (MCO's).

Our services are perfect for new graduates getting a new start in their careers or for the medical professional looking to go into private practice for themselves. If you have questions or want to discuss your career goals, give us a call.

If you are trying to decide if credentialing as a medical professional right for you, let us help you make your decision. Give us a Call. .

• Certified Nurse Midwife
• Chiropractor
• Dentist
• Licensed Behavioral Social Worker
• Licensed Clinical Social Worker
• Licensed Professional Counselor
• Licensed Midwife
• Medical Doctor
• Nurse Practitioner
• Occupational Therapist
• Pharmacist
• Physical Therapist
• Physician Assistant
• Podiatrist
• Psychologist
• Social Worker

Want To Bill For Your Services?

Credential Me Today can help you join Managed Care Organizations where you live. Many medical professionals are able to bill insurance providers for their private practice services they provide to their patients. Our process is simple, easy and fast.

We can credential you as a individual practitioner or we can credential your business in the state you reside in.

Medical Professional Business Packages

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