Knowledge "is" Power

Credential Me Today has joined forces with nursing schools in the community all across the county in raising awareness of the important role nurses play in the healthcare module. Do nurses really understand? The general con-censes is that a nurse envision themselves after nursing school getting a job in a healthcare field and putting in years of work helping others. Well, we want to change that mis-conception. The fact is, after graduation they can look forward to a lifetime of achievement, self-fulfillment and the joy of changing the lives of so many throughout their career.

Credential Me Today brings knowledge and excitement when a nurse can envision opportunities that are available to them in their new nursing careers. A nurse has the ability to become what ever they choose. Whether a nurse-aide or a nurse practitioner, they can make a difference in the lives of their patient. But, it all begins with themselves. The best education is the education they will receive from hands on experience.

Our empowerment training equips nurses to think in long term about their career. Opportunities range from working in the hospital setting to a business owner or Private Duty Nurse. Most nurses no matter at what level of study, have no idea that they too can be a business owner or a Private Duty Nurse woring directly with families. The reason is that they have not been told.

• Do you know that the law allows you as a nurse to contract your care services out to work directly with families?
• At what point in my career can I apply for accreditation?
• At what point in my career can I get credentialed?
• What’s the difference between accreditation and credentialed?
• Did you know that nurses credentialed can contract themselves out for higher pay?
• Employment vs. Entrepreneurship

These are just some of the topics we train nurse in helping empower them soar in their careers.
Credential Me Today would like for you to call us and see how we can help you on your path to a rewarding career, but also a fun and exciting time in your life!

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