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If you are on this page, you are one of the few agencies who have been chosen to be a part of a movement. This movement has been in the making for years now.

Owners, you hear the frustration from your students. The low wages that are earned by some of the hardest working personnel in the medical industry. For years, the cycle of teaching cna’s to go into the work place to earn wages that barely feeds their families is a cycle that is broken. They want more, just like we all want more. To be able to make enough income to take care of our families and live comfortably. Their frustration is showing up in the number of new registrants each new semester. The counts are getting lower and lower. And this is affecting your bottom line.

How can your school be a part of the solution?

Your school must be a part of the solution. But how?

By equipping your students with the knowledge and skills that will earn them financial freedom that can only be acquired through self-employment. I’m not talking about state mandated skill sets. I’m speaking of your school teaching them how to open, run, and make a great living by providing services to the communities they live in.

I have for the last 15 years helped hundreds of cna’s make their dreams of owning their own business a reality.
But, now I need your help.

Are you ready for the challenge?

II am only accepting a few good schools and teaching them the secrets behind 15 years of consulting to help open in 19 states licensed home health, hospice, caregiver, assisted living, foster care, medical transportation, staffing, and group homes. I will then commission you with this knowledge to help your students open their agency that provides a life they and their families deserve to have.

What can you expect?

Now only will you be providing a resource of income to your students, but you will make great money.
My goal should you be accepted as one of these schools, is for your school to earn an average of $100,000+ annually. This is a very achievable goal with my proven system.
If you would like to be considered as one of the chosen schools, please fill out the contact form. We will evaluate your submission and be contacting you.

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